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Metro Vancouver Railings is an aluminum fabrication shop based in Surrey, BC. We specialize in aluminum products for the construction industry which include aluminum and glass railings, handrails, gates, fences, metal stairs, trellises, canopies, and custom fabrication.

With in-house engineering, advanced fabrication, and experienced project management we offer professional service and fast turnaround times to ensure your project gets completed on time and under budget.

Why choose Aluminum for your project?

Corrosion resistance

Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistant. When combined with a powder-coated finish our products will last the life of your building with little to no maintenance. Aluminum is the material of choice for use outdoors in Vancouver.

Easier and faster Installation

At 1/3 the weight of steel, aluminum makes delivery and installation much easier. Using modular construction most of our products can be installed by hand with limited equipment access and do not require site welding or painting.

Lower cost

Aluminum can be cut and welded much faster than steel. This means lower manufacturing costs and faster turnaround times with comparable strength to steel in many applications.

Some of our past railing projects

Why choose Metro Vancouver Railings

Design and Value Engineering

Construction is a competitive industry where small cost savings can mean the difference between winning/losing a project. Using our industry knowledge and many years of manufacturing experience we are able to work with our clients to understands their “design intent” and propose solutions that will meet code and work within their budget. With in-house engineering, we are able to design or modify products to reduce costs offering our clients a competitive advantage.

Project Management

Classified as a “safety product”, railings are critical to getting building permits. Although they may appear simple, railings must meet various building codes, bylaw, engineering, and accessibility requirements and also pass rigorously inspected for final building occupancy. With our years of experience, we are able to identify most issues during the design stage and resolve any problems that come up during installation to ensure the project goes smoothly and is delivered on time.

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