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Metro Railings was started in 2017 by Alex and Jerry. Prior to starting the business, they worked in the commercial railing industry building high-rises for some of the largest developers/projects in Vancouver.

Due to the explosive growth of construction, many railing contractors were focusing on large projects and expanding operations to the USA. This left smaller and upstart developers with few choices, relying on low-quality residential contractors with little experience in commercial projects to fill the gaps.

Seeing a need in the market, Alex and Jerry opened up Metro Railings with the goal of providing smaller developers with high-quality products and professional service. Due to our smaller size, we are able to offer better pricing, faster lead times, and superior customer support compared to larger shops. This is critical for smaller projects that require a lot of design work and have shorter time frames.

About Alex (Sales / Project manager)

Alex has a background in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to learning about railings at East & West Alum Craft (North America’s biggest railing contractor), he spent 10 years working in heavy equipment manufacturing. Alex specialized in enterprise business software and has a lot of experience with manufacturing planning, warehouse management, quality assurance, and procurement.

About Jerry (Shop Supervisor)

Jerry has a background in Structural Engineering, having worked as an Engineering Manager in Taiwan. After immigrating to Canada, he spent 15 years working as Foreman at Accurate Aluminum, helping them grow into the 2’nd biggest railings contractor in Canada.

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